Self Released 2013

The Netherlands, a breeding ground for ungodly metallic destruction have given birth to another entity with a blackened mindset, Dystopia.  Their new 2-song EP is a paean to black thrash and unholy malice.  The first track, Peace Through Power blasts away like an evil, freezing whirlwind.  The vocals cast a pall of death across the melodic riffs.  There is a wintery feel to the track that is further intensified by the chugging riffs and clean vocal chants.  A plodding death metal segment explodes into a set of hammering drum beats.  The song's structure continues to melt and reconstruct itself, giving a freshness and fluidity to the listening experience.  Clean guitars surface for a moment of tranquil beauty before once again surrendering to cold black metal riffing.  The final track is Bound To Annihilate and it is somewhat dirtier and much more thrash oriented.  The fragile and sorrowful guitar that opens the track is somewhat misleading as the impending riffs scream and blister with a noticeable blackened intensity.  You are overwhelmed by the sheer speed and ferocity of the guitars and their coldness, however a thrash leaning period rises and finally begins to command the song.  After a lightning quick drum break full on thrash breaks out.  The composition once again shifts towards black metal traditionalism enhanced by a wicked guitar solo.  A calmer period takes over with cold, fuzzed guitars that feed into chugging black metal riffs.  The Haat EP is a catchy and invigorating taster of both Dystopia's music in general and their upcoming album which should strike like a frozen hammer.  UGH!!!