No Posers Please 2012

Dystopics, the new album from Norway's death metal madmen Diskord, is pure insanity.  Imagine if you will Autopsy as a free-form jazz band and you might have some inkling as to the bizarre gravity of the situation that awaits you as the album unfolds.  Entropic Death gets proceedings underway with its whirlwind of intense and off-the-wall riff mash-ups.  One set of blasts hits a doomy plod like the blunt force of two oncoming trains striking head first.  The song then leaps into a chugging bounce only to give way to a set of traditional death metal riffs.  Weird dissonance rises against a wall of aggressive blasting segments.  And this is just the first track.  Epochal begins with a sense of lethargic morbidity, not unlike Autopsy.  The track then evolves into strange upwards arching trills and weirdly textured bass lines.  Tremble lumbers in with its fat bass guitar and warped Autopsy riffs.  Sawing blasts devolve into sluggish death metal atmospheres on Woebegoneness.  A waterfall of tempo changes buries you beneath their onslaught as the song progress, which leaves you disoriented.  Some definite Goatlord era Darkthrone passages are summoned on As The Circus Leaves The Galaxy.  A solid structure, atmospheric and epic forms the core of the song.  Whereas Godsends & Hellbents is more of a light and airy sounding song that brings to mind the grindrock majesty of Xysma's Yeah album.  Towards the song's final stage a warped Sabbath riff rears its monolithic head until it is overtaken with some Carbonized-esque strangeness.  Despite the myriad of riffs and influences, Dystopics still manages to remain cohesive as an album.  There is some sort of method to the madness found within, however it might be hard to discern within the chaotic destruction going on within your skull.  If you like your death metal adventurous and boundary smashing, yet brutal and morbid then Dystopics is certainly for you.  Diskord have taken traditional death metal brutality and added layers of uncanny technicality to both their playing and their songwriting.  They are escapees from the death metal insane asylum and Dystopics is their blueprint to madness.  And it is a blueprint you should follow, all the way to the stars.