Early Volumes 1

Blitz Music / Last Gang Records 2010

Early Volumes 1 is an eclectic mix of techno-pop from highly regarded artist Gunslinger.  And of course its review might seem a little out of place on Nocturnal Cult but I am a closet fan of techno so when this disk showed up in my box, I resolved to review it.  A throbbing beat and a catchy vocal line instantly get my head bobbing on Run For Your Life.  When the melodic synth lines are added in the whole song is imbued with a feeling similar to a dancier 80s new wave hit.  A darker, jungle beat and more barren song structure fills up the soundscape of Who Have You Been.  A determined beat and razor sharp electronic accents dominate Words.  The building intensity and vocal effects create a dark yet dreamy texture similar to Skinny Puppy's Warlock, but with a decidedly poppier dance intent.  The synth lines that leap into the song at the 3:49 mark have echoes of Will To Power's It's Gonna Rain.  The swirling melody and beefy beat on Unbreakable fail to grab me like the prior tracks.  And Variation builds like an electronic pop song from the 80s, a very anthemic feel but ultimately lacks the intensity I was hoping for.  The subdued throb of Gravity is deceiving as it infects your head, causing unrelenting nodding to the beat.  Gunslinger builds intense beats that fill your body with the need to hit the dance floor.  Early Volumes 1 rocks your body with a constant, pounding beat and catchy vocal lines and most songs make your body long for a sweaty dancehall.