Self Released 2011

A smashing barrage of technical death metal destruction flies forth like a squadron of bombers on the debut album from Italy's Emrevoid.  Rapid pacing and tempo changes mark the album' opener, Ibrido.  Deep guttural vocals and snappy guitars punch at the speakers as blasts of snares and double bass spray like overheating machine guns.  Starting with mildly dissonant and nostalgic riffs, Due Vite snakes along with Morbid Angel-esque rhythmic muscularity.  Then the drums explode, pushing the track towards a violent eruption. The track slowly meanders between thick rhythmic sections and frenzied bursts of speed.  Disharmonic black metal riffs are featured at the forefront of Attraverso.  The song then settles into a strong dose of crunchy death riffs.  The black metal hydra once again rears its ugly head as the song continues.  The guitars work their way through sharper, more sour notes during this period.  It is a fullforce salvo of brutality.  You can feel the breath of Morbid Angel as Resta Il Silenzio unfurls a flag of destruction upon the listener.  Meaty rhythms and hints of nihilistic black metal surface as the track progresses.  You can even discern some subtle melodies within the tracks steaming innards.  A thrashier structure appears on Rapaci, though this is quickly enveloped by some more traditional death metal riffage.  A bouncing riff caught somewhere between Voivod and Nu-metal opens Fiamme.  The track then spirals into some disharmonic aggression and some dragging tempos.  Some strange, borderline freeform jazz makes its calm appearance within the song's inner folds.  Emrevoid's debut has some interesting and unique angles that are featured alongside its more traditional brutal death metal side.  Emrevoid's music is a strong and tight affair of violent bludgeoning.  Everything seems so cold and calculated, like an efficient serial Killer!