Brutal Truth    

End Time
Relapse Records

Having never been a big fan Brutal Truth and their style of clinical and polished grind I greeted this album with a supreme lack of enthusiasm.  And let me say, I was not disappointed.  I was completely underwhelmed by End Time.  It had a songs that were either lifeless grind or borderline industrial metal.  For instance, check out the album opener Malice.  Distorted bass, harsh guitars and a pounding beat that just screams a more energetic, less interesting version of old Skin Chamber.  Simple Math is a rough hewn onslaught of destructive grind that in the end just seems somewhat flat.  The title-track erupts into a cataclysm of grindy drums and warp-speed guitars.  The song never relents and just belts out on hyper riff and drum pattern after another for a mildly memorable tune, especially when it slows and turns melodic for the final seconds.  However Fuck Cancer picks right back up with the grind standard of superfast tempos and blindingly intense riffs.  The live sounding vocal rant of the song title at the end seems a bit corny.  Celebratory Gunfire has a more "death metal" style with a midtempo pace and fat rhythms.  Then the track picks up momentum with periods of blasting drums and riffs.  Strange textures flow in towards the song's climax.  .58 Caliber is an example of the more industrial feeling tracks with its near mechanical beat, buried vocal sample, and distorted guitar stranglings.  Same with Warm Embrace Of Poverty with its grating guitar feedback and lumbering bass guitar lines.  The beat is crawling and once the track finally picks up it sounds like a slowed-down Morbid Angel track.  The song drifts off into piercing guitar noise that makes it hard to listen to.  Trash harkens back to the times of early Napalm Death with its 5 second outburst of vocals, guitar, and drums.  Brutal Truth has music that is pseudo-aggressive and the production is way too bright and shiny to really give one a sense of the underground.  It just feels too controlled and calculated.  I am sure it is a varying amount of each of these factors, but End Time just seems too clean and passionless for its own good.