Disiplin Media 2013

The new 5 song MLP from Norway's new surgeons of abrasive hardcore hits like a hammer!  As the first track, Disiplin gets underway you hear muscular, near melodic riffs that then burst into explosions of metallic violence.  The drums are rapid blasts of controlled dissonance that give way to riff repetition and a nice, Slayer-esque setup for meaty bass guitar and hard-hitting aggression.  And this is just the first song.  Up next is Selvdestruktiv with its frantic pace that hurtles straight at you like an inbound cruise missile.  The riffs break into a burly set of riffs and drums that hit like shrapnel.  Byrakrat #1 takes the speed and brutality of the earlier tracks and enhances it leaving your psyche tattered and torn.  The shouted vocals perfectly mirror the sharp drum strikes and anger-fueled guitars.  The track then drops into a serious, moshing breakdown that leaves my neck in spasms.  Byrakrat #2 is a more rhythmic song that flows like waves of rage across you.  With the throbbing bass guitar and dominant vocals there is almost an industrial feel to the song.  The MLP ends with Redd, whose opening riff has an almost black metal feel to it as it speeds along with freezing flow.  The chorus has a point-counterpoint style to it, not only in the vocals but also in the songwriting as a whole.  The intensity picks up to lightspeed before once again collapsing into a bass-driven breakdown.  The vocals and guitars grab you by the scruff of your neck and drag you towards the song's eventual demise which is a stomping, march into ambient, noise oblivion.  Englemaker certainly know how to make an entrance with their debut mini-album.  It is violent and hard-hitting while still maintaining a sense of control, just what you would expect from dark, metallic European hardcore.  Do yourself a favor and get this NOW!!!

As a side note, the MLP comes in some amazing looking limited edition 10" vinyl versions.  You can view them here: