Erotik Nekrosis
Agonia Records

Grim and deranged black metal from Norway, I have always been intrigued by the enigmatic Endezzma.  I was always dismayed it took so long between their debut EP and the release of their first full-length.  But I can say it was absolutely worth the wait.  After an intro of cult-ish samples we are struck by hard-edged, nekro black metal similar to Urgehal.  Blasts of frigid black surge and crest until we drop into a throbbing groove that lays deeply into your swollen flesh on Junkyard Oblivion.  Disharmonic undulations carry the song to its zenith.  A massive, ropey bass opens the demented brutality of Enigma Of The Sullen.  Dry rasps that pass for vocals drag across the rolling riffs until the riffs rise to a froth and disorienting synth lines streak across the song.  Nostalgic melodies and clean vocals drift in from the shadows before being swept aside by monstrous black metal riffs.  SO far we have been pretty straight-forward.  The truly bizarre starts with Against Them All.  A black n' roll groove sets up and is accented by campy horror synth that brings to mind oooooold sci-fi paranoia.   A drunken, stumbling tempo and unbalanced flow to the next song, Swansong Of A Giant leaves me feeling like I am constantly falling.  The trilling black metal riffs at slow speed are a nice touch as well.  The shimmering synth and steel guitar moaning perfectly set up the pulsing/vibrating Nordic black metal riffing and leave me craving more.  Soul Cleansing brings the album to a destructive end.  A total Norwegian black metal assault, muscular riffs that flex and smash you with blasts of speed and demonic speed.  The track shifts into areas of synth driven midtempo black metal with catchy cymbal rides and hard hitting breaks.  Endezzma takes Norwegian black metal and turns it on its grim and demented side.  It's black metal from the depths of a snow covered insane asylum.  "Get On Your Nekro Horses!!!!!!"