Vermis Mortem

Evil Never Dies 

Self Released 2014

Brazil's unholy demons, Vermis Mortem unleash their debut release, Evil Never Dies, and if this music is any indication, it truly never will.  This is sheer sonic savagery.  The cryptic and sinister Intro is warped synth and battlefield echoes that provide a backdrop for hellish vocal distortions.  Rising from the din is a blasting assault of barbed guitars and gurgled vocals that just spew ferocity called I Hate The World.  The guitars slow to a bestial groove that rolls over you like a tank.  A Hellhammer-ish battering of primitivism lurches out from that murky battlefield and is hacked at by sporadic bursts of snares.  A martial drum line and air raid sirens (on Bestial Warfare) set the tone for Genocide as it smothers you with a wave of intensity before settling into a sawing rhythmic groove.  At times I am reminded by the swampy grime and feral animosity of Sarcofago on this song.  On The Dark Planes Of Existence closes the album with a lingering doomy initial riff that soon erupts into a rabid froth of guitars and venomous drum lines.  Vermis Mortem blasts through underground blackened destruction on their demo.  Nothing mindblowing, but this is sweltering hatred and animalistic carnage of all your auditory senses.