Decimation Promo

Self-released 2010

Polish black thrashers Excidium unloaded a biting barrage of destruction on their 2010 demo.  This clip contains 6 rounds of armor piercing blackened thrash with sharp riffs and hammering drums.  After a short intro the all-out assault begins with Outburst of Aggression.  Chunky riffs and a rapid-fire drumline spit forth metallic death like so many machinegun nests.  This song is total trench warfare.  Towards the song's innards the music drops into a slower more melodic section that is highlighted by a ropey bass line and surprisingly mesmerizing guitar solo.  Cuntreaper's vocals are acidic, burning your eardrums with each line he utters.  The title-track is a more muscular song with riffs that flex like a cagefighter's arm.  The gang chorus sounds mildly awkward but it suits the track.  Sacrament Of Blasphemy opens with a menacing Slayer-esque shred and then the song shifts into a mid-tempo barrage of guitars and slicing vocals.  LSD picks up where the previous track ends and utilizes speed and hostility to captivate the listener.  The moshing breakdown at the 1:46 mark is sure to get your head banging and your arms flailing.  For me, this is the high point of the album.  The album draws to its conclusion with Through Rage and Agony.  An intense initial stage is then turned into a blistering burst of hyper riffs for a brutal attack that leaves no survivors.  On Decimation, Excidium displays a penchant for writing songs that are aggressive and mature while retaining a warlike texture.  Not mindblowing stuff but it will certainly appease your hunger for shredding belligerence.