Infernal Oath

Self-released 2007

What we have here is the embryonic stage of one of Poland's most potent black thrash barbarians, Excidium.  This is their short but fierce 2007 demo in all its vehement glory.  After a sparse, yet chilling intro the firestorm begins.  The title-track spits out hot lead in the form of hyper-blasts of drums and spastic, yet focused riffs.  At times I am reminded of Impiety's Skullfucking Armageddon as Slayer-ish breaks and death metal rhythms collide.  Pestilent Revenge batters your ears with hammering drums while crushingly intense riffs roll like a tank.  I hear subtle echoes of Sodom in their primitive utterings.  I hear some Kreator-esque passages early on Realities of Damnation.  And then a burst of black metal blasts ushers in some apocalyptic violence.  More rapid-fire speed lays waste to your ear drums as the songs ends.  Air-raid sirens announce the barbaric devastation that is to come on Excidium.  The guitars hum like propeller-engined bomber formations cratering the earth with highly explosive riffs.  The drums annihilate the opposition with aggressive tempos and destructive snare strikes.  Excidium is a deadly-serious entity even during their early stages as evidenced by this 12 minute demo.  Listening to this rabid demo can prove hazardous to your health.