Faith Through Anguish

Blackseed Productions 2012

The third full length album from the band that put Spanish black metal on the map is once again a voyage through distant landscapes comprised of traditional black metal.  There are no excessive instrumentations or extraneous synths or orchestral flourishes.  No, this is black metal from its pure, guitar oriented core.  The opener Some Meters Below Ground rages against the heavens with raw, traditional riffs and bone-dry vocals that evoke a sense of heathenish disdain for all that is holy.  At times I am reminded of early Gorgoroth with the style and atmosphere of the material.  Total demonic bombast appears in the initial riff of Third Floor.  Then the song drifts back into a slight sorrowful melodic passage that brings to mind Burzum at its least atmospheric and sorrowful.  However, when the clean vocals suddenly emerge you are submerged into depths of melancholy.  And from out of nowhere there is a sharp turn into demented dissonance.  There is a strong undercurrent of forlorn emotions that permeate the entire album, but strengthen with each passing track.  Basically the riffs become more noticeably sorrowful.  New Soul Shepherds begins with a cold mid-tempo melodic riff that drags your emotions across shards of ice.  The tortured and twisted vocals are a piece of crazed genius.  There is a strong Nordic influence that can be found throughout the compositions on this album and are more noticeable at certain times than at others.  At the 4:52 mark the track slows to a crawl and resembles a primal beast dying in the dead of winter, yet still brimming with an unconquerable hatred for all things living.  The final track is an hellish gust of black metal rage.  Dead Remembrances Generator skillfully weaves in a nostalgic and saddened melody within the speedy assault of destructive heresy.  Primigenium's new album is beautifully bleak and dark black metal with a strong adherence to tradition and a mood that is pure hellish blasphemy.