Fast And Loud  

Thrashing Madness 2014 (2013)

Polish thrash that screams class and nostalgia.  That's what I hear when my speakers are screaming the new Traktor release!  It's like a less melodic version of early Heathen, at least that's what I hear.  Night Brawl, the opener, is straight on thrash with Bay Area style with dashes of Overkill infused in every ounce of its core.  The initial riff has a bit of Overkill, tempered with hints of rock before the track just explodes into frenzied guitarwork and rapid drum lines.  I am taken back to 88 or so with each shredding riff and gritty vocal line.  Melodic soloing and accompanying riffs lift the song to another level.  The traditional metal influences surge closer to the front during the galloping pacing and flowing riffs of Angel Of Booze.  The vocals even manage to become more melodic despite the raw edges of Tom's throat.  A punchy bass guitar and falsetto scream announce I'll Laugh Last.  A bit of early Mordred can be found in this riffing of this track.  A meaty groove is bookended by aggressive speed assaults as the song hurtles into oblivion.  Professors Of Metal is my favorite track with its staggered melodic riff that flies in at the 2:50 mark.  Of course though, it starts with powerful, uplifting chords before unleashing armageddon with intense guitar explosions.  Traktor close out the recording with a cover of Razor's Take This Torch.  It blends seamlessly into their own material, so they have made it their own.  Traktor manage to take that which it is old and draw you back in with their sincerity and passion.  Old school feelings abound and convert you to this traditional thrash powerhouse.