Blood Tsunami     

For Faen!

Indie Recordings 2013

After a snapping drum beat and some off time cymbal hisses, a Slayer-ish riff takes over on the scorching album opener, Butcher Of Rostov.  TOTAL THRASH ASSAULT!!!  Norway's Blood Tsunami have stripped off the Swedish melodies and roughed up the edges of their sound.  The track then drops into a crunching groove for a maximum old school thrashin' mosh!  Then it effortless explodes into a blistering guitar solo that flays the skin from the player's fingers.  A savage evisceration lays in wait on the lightning quick Dogfed.  The riffs are engaging despite the overall speed of the song.  Old school bay area thrash riffage is on full display as The Rape Of Nanking rips into your speakers.  Pete's vocals slice with acidic bitterness while the guitars churn and the drums roil around in a cacophonous melee.  The catchiest song on the album is Metal Fang with its surgical breaks at the song's beginning and the feverishly flowing riffs.  The chorus has a killer riff that drops into a bouncing groove.  Meaty passages with a breath-stealing, halting segment are cast aside in favor of nonstop demonic riffs that spurt like fresh blood on Brazen Bull.  At the 2:34 mark a morbid, Autopsy styled guitar line rots your brain like festering innards.  B.T.K. is a raucous fistfight of rockin' thrash!  However, Krokodil creeps about in a near melody before flying into a frantic bout of murderous thrash.  A chunky mosh groove takes over the song's middle and then delivers a volley of unholy sonic belligerence.  With For Faen! Blood Tsunami have returned with a vengeance.  Stripped of all extraneous instrumentation and focused purely on abrasive violence this album is Slayer-esque aggression honed to deadly perfection.  You will be left wasted and flayed alive by this monument to audio hostility!