For His Satanic Majesty's Glory

Wraith Productions 2011

Indiana's ultimate black metal conspirators, Ptahil have delivered their best album to date with For His Satanic Majesty's Glory.  The ceremonial heresy rings throughout each note that flows forth from this opus.  Though this is philosophically the same, stylistically their work continues to develop and morph into new areas as evidenced by the album's opener, The Great Satan.  The monstrously fat riffage has a sense of movement and bears a striking resemblance to Amebix or Morne.  The arcane knowledge coats the track through the dominating vocalizations from Luathca.  A more methodical approach is used on the initial stage of the title-track.  And then we are confronted by the doomy trudge of The Black Fire.  The guitars are muddy, just like our feet from the journey through rain sodden fields as we mourn to the tune of Ptahil's forlorn riffs.  The Amebix style riffs surface once again as the tempo increases.  A similar structure is utilized on Lilitu.  Esoteric themes of Satanism permeate the song while meaty, driving riffs rumble over the listener.  Warbling guitar and snappy drums punctuate the initial passage of Deathwish.  Then the song drops into a simmering bout of crushing black metal.  The slow strumming section at the 3:13 mark serves to highlight this bruising approach.  World Ablaze takes the Amebix/Morne riffs and then hammers them into a blast beat explosion of blasphemous intentions.  The undulating roll of the riffs is almost hypnotic.  Ptahil have incorporated new elements into their musical arsenal while remaining true to the spiritual ethos of the band.  For His Satanic Majesty's Glory represents Ptahil's crowning achievement up until now.  The steamroller riffs crush your spirit while the lyrics rebuild you in Satan's image.