From Strength To Strength
Ultra Hingax Productions

Humiliation, Malaysia's resident lords of war, return for another all out assault of crushingly heavy death metal.  After a martial intro of drums and ominous guitars, the album thunders into its attack with Days of Terror.  Heavy riffs form a rhythmic front of destruction that just rolls over the listener.  Heavy doses of Hail of Bullets and Boltthrower can be heard as the midtempo songwriting pulverizes you like the tread of a tank.  Artillery Open Fire continues the unrelenting offensive of brutally heavy riffs.  At the 2:31 mark a doomy death riff lurches in and brings to mind Asphyx at their slowest, most potent moments.  However, Counter Offensive makes use of a bouncier groove that hammers away at your sanity like artillery fire does on a soldier in a foxhole.  Blind Bomb picks up the aggression with bursts of speedy snare.  The initial segment of Nassau has a total Swedish death metal feel to it, but the song quickly shifts into rumbling riffs that loom like fallout from a nuclear holocaust.  The chorus passage returns to a Swedish feel and a nice melodic lead paints the song towards its middle.  Fastkill is an explosion of violence, which for Humiliation is possibly the fastest I have heard them play.  A monotone, yet mournful riff haunts me on my favorite track of the album, Manifesto of Lie.  Humiliation haven't changed their style at all, they just continue to refine and hone their craft ensuring that each album is deadlier than the previous.  From Strength To Strength is a devastatingly crushing album of heavy, midtempo riffage and singular vision.  No compromise, only war-oriented death metal.  Let the barrage begin!