Psych Minus Space Control
Fysisk Format

After the tripped out experience that was Reaper Subconscious Guide I was left wondering where the enigmatic Norwegian entity Furze would go next.  And after listening to Psych Minus Space Control I can say this album is even more stripped down and spacey than ever before.  Droning space doom lumbers like an astral monolith as Occult Soul With Mind begins its slow ascent into the blackened void.  Ominous references to Sabbath surface as bells chime and guitars warble underneath the weight of foreboding riffs.  Then the song goes still and introspective strings dance about like twinkling stars only to relent to the gaping cosmos of thundering riffs.  Trippy synths open the horizons of the song towards its end.  All this is done without vocals until some ghostly rasps at the very end.  And as a point of fact, there are nearly no vocals throughout this album which prevent you from finding any grounding for your wandering mind.  Shimmering and desolate clean guitar draws you in as Psych Mooz Space Control breathes its early breaths and then exhales a yawning nebula of angular notes that sound so distant and vast that they echo like the light from the pillars of the universe.  Hypnotic riffs lurch in clumsily (but in a good way) while a cacophony of sound builds.  You will be able to discern the cold Nordic black metal riffs disguised as tripped out space rock in the latter half of the song.  The track Reaper Subconscious Guide is a rocking jam of blackened doom weirdness.  It undulates with toe-tapping regularity and utilizes thick riffs and bizarre synth passages. Continuing with the more straightforward impulses of rockin' doom is Triad of Lucifer.  However woven into the fabric of the song are unsettling strings, uncanny rhythms, and angelic synth.  This all serves to create an unearthly atmosphere within the song.  Hints of Pentagram riffs are lurking in the shadows as the composition progresses.  The final song is a raucous punk anthem with black metal intent called, When Always Ready.  The song quickly morphs into an emotional doom anthem that chills your blood through its haunting vocals.  With Psych Minus Space Control, Furze have broadened their already vast musical territory and allowed your mind to transcend its earthly bonds.