Gather The Sinners
Soulseller Records

Norway's Occult rockers, Devil, have returned for their sophomore album which is all at once a more mature and fuller recording.  The songs feel stronger, more solid and this confidence is immediately evident on the first track, Southern Sun.  You hear smoky, burgeoning riffs that merge the occult and southern aspects into a doom rock steamroller.  Joakim's vocals have that characteristic dry charm to them.  Southern Sun slowly rolls over on itself with riffs that use a creeping surge that flows like ashen magma.  Fuzzed out doom riffs with a distinctive old school feel wash over you like the afternoon sun on Beyond The Gate.  Hints of Black Sabbath and Trouble are manifested as you listen to these chugging grooves and massive, dragging riffs.  They Pale utilizes guitar whines and an infectious lead to pull you in before chorus grabs you and captivates you with those gripping vocals lines.  The main riff that flows through Legacy has a hint of nostalgia and sorrow which manages to infect you with its old school beauty and summons comparisons to Led Zepplin.  Total doom-laden riffs overrun the initial segment of Restless Wanderer.  One thing you get when you listen to a Devil album is a sense of age.  There is a subtle beauty to Lead Me Astray with its acoustic guitar and longing vocals.  There is a sorrowful, folkish quality to the song.  With its thick bass guitar and stomping doom riffs, Ladies Of The Night is a swaying crusher of a song.  The chorus has an anthemic quality to it.  The only thing that would make it more powerful is to have gang vocals shout out the chorus.  The song slows and slides into a mournful solo that echoes with epic longing.  A fast, southern rock style flows freely on Darkest Day and this remains the catchiest of the songs on the new album.  It has a driving riff that brings to mind Steppenwolf but with a doomy side to it.  A happy medium between Zepplin and Sabbath rises on Coffin Regata.  The song has massive, crushing groove that is accented by a melodic segment reflective chorus.  The album sounds as if it was cast out of the 70s to bury us in its heavy, doomy riffs and dry rock vibe.  Gather The Sinners is an album that looms like a storm cloud over your soul.  Now fully comfortable in their own skin, Devil "shines like the brightest star!"