All Pigs Must Die

God Is War

Southern Lord 2011

This hardcore supergroup of sorts belts out crusty down-tuned death metal with some intense ferocity on their debut album.  Death Dealer serves to whet the appetite with some intense pounding combined with grinding blasts and discharge-esque riffage.  From that point on proceedings only become more intense.  Crunching Swedish death riffs hit in rapid succession on Pulverization.  The guitars throb with Wolverine Blues era menace during the song's meaty innards.  This comparison only becomes more intense on the song's best track, Sacrosanct.  A perfect union of Swedish aggression and fiery Discharge simplicity collide as the tempo alternately explodes and snaps away at a midtempo stomp.  Lightning fast black metal passages also surface in the middle of this uncompromising onslaught.  Atmospheric venom looms amidst Neurosis level riffs as the title-tracks begins boiling with seething anger.  The Blessed Void drops into some doomy Swedish down-tuned death that brings to mind Entombed's Left Hand Path at its slowest, darkest moments.  However the track one again erupts in a napalm explosion of grindy death speed.  Total Swedish death comparisons can be made during the opening passage of Extinction Is Ours.  However this folds in upon itself as flashes of doomy Neurosis and slow-motion crust punk arrive.  Kevin Barker's vocals spit throaty bile from the speakers, ratcheting up the animosity of this album.  The debut album from All Pigs Must Die is intense, angry and uncompromising.  Its bare and battered knuckles just won't stop hitting you.  God Is War leaves you beaten to a pulp and yet you still crave more punishment.