Gospel Of The Burning Idols

Malignant Records 2013

The twisted masterminds behind Gnaw Their Tongues take their side-project on a darker, more minimalist path.  This is Aderlating's fourth album and you can definitely tell they are very comfortable at making the listener uncomfortable.  The sinister hum of the album's initial track, Opening Of The Tomb fills the listener with dread.  Its ambient rumble instills a sense of apprehension and fear which becomes more unnerving as a piercing noise circles through the song.  The cold, metallic vocals add an unearthly feel to the music and contrast well with the Gregorian sounding samples buried in the song.  A distant, hollow beat surfaces to add to the bleak ritualistic tone of the track and then the cacophony grows until the song climaxes.  Dry, dragging vocals and circular, astral sounds contrast against chants and splashes of beats and chimes on A Vulture's Tongue Disease.  Throbbing gloom and waves of white noise drift out from the void during the initial stages of The Burial Gown Reeks Of Semen.  Clanking metallic industrialism keeps your feet planted on the ground while ghostly, distorted vocals shrieks rip at your sanity.  A mournful siren and crackling electronic textures pull and scrape at your mind long enough for a lonely church bell to clang its warning on Bondaged In Shame, Disgraced In Fear.  The fabric of the song turns on a dime with muted urban drums doled out by nocturnal street urchins forming the composition's next movement.  The album closes with the title-track and its unsettling warbling digital tone.  An undercurrent of threatening sounds continues to wrap you in a blanket of paranoia as the song progresses.  While not as oppressive and fright inducing as some of Malignant's other artists, Aderlating still manages to fill the listener with feverish, inescapable terror.  This is not easy listening and is for those with a demented mind.