Never To Rise     

Hacked To Perfection

BadGod Music 2012

American brutalists Never To Rise hack and bludgeon the listener to pieces with their new album, Hacked To Perfection.  The album embodies all that is traditional within the genre, hyper blasts of destructive velocity and meaty riffs that rend flesh with unparalleled inhumanity.  The Femicidal Impulse unleashes the initial salvo of crushing guitars and massive drums (which I later discovered are programmed).  Gruff, guttural vocals accompany the avalanche of truculence. The song slows for a dismembering groove and melodic soloing.  Chugging carnage with a hammering beat ushers in the savage inhumanity of Hyperbaric Torture Chamber.  A low-end groove sets up a melodic traditional metal section before revealing shotgun blasts of drums and a swirling set of riffs.  Sloppy Surgery doles out wholesale beatings with technical accents that revel in the ultimate hostility of American style death metal.  Technical guitar noodling and inventive songwriting are hidden within the walls of guitar driven barbarity here.  Mutilation Supreme attacks with a more straight forward main riff that drops into traditional chugging death.  Dizzying drum patterns and melodic soloing will leave your foundering in a pool of your own blood.  A captivating and eastern sounding guitar solo opens Bereft of Conscience before a Slayer-esque set of thrashing riffs hits you like a sledgehammer to the skull.  Slow, morbid riffs drag and lurch at the 4:07 mark.  More beautiful guitar solos arise and I finally put my finger on what they remind me of, Soulside Journey era Darkthrone.  At around 50 minutes, the album is perhaps just a tad too long, but those of you caught up in a butcherous bloodlust won't notice.  If gore drenched brutality with a hint of misogynistic glee is something that sounds like food for your cannibalistic soul then you will greedily gobble up the steaming guts of Never To Rise's new album, Hacked To Perfection.