Denovali Records 2011

Somber and stark Post-doom is to be found on the 3 song EP from Australia's Heirs.  This 25 minute EP is comprised of two original compositions and a Sisters Of Mercy cover.  The title-track flows in with sharp drums and cold, yet fragile guitar, like delicate drops running down an iced windowpane.  The track soon gathers its lethargic energy into a more powerful riff and shimmering female wails.  The music creates an undulating flow that is wrought with frozen sadness.  Continuing with the forlorn mood of the album Symptom begins behind a buzzing wall of noise and a thick, ropey bass.  You can actually feel the bass string loosely flopping beneath your fingers as it echoes out its notes.  A sinister throb lurks beneath astral synth that paints the middle of the track.  Symptom straddles a fine line between the ominous power of Godflesh and a less organic Katatonia.  Finally we are brought to the expansive cover of Sisters Of Mercy's Never Land.  Heirs takes the original foundation of the song, a moving, nighttime bass line and sterilizes it adding cold, crisp edges.  The vocals are stripped from the song the inner voids exhale dread-inspiring synths.  The synth becomes denser as a sense of dementia creeps in unsettling the listener, like a nightmare creeping into their mind's nocturnal reverie.  The repetitive nature of the song causes it to linger long after the music has faded.  Hunter is a desolate and haunted piece of music that can only live at night.  Heirs have woven their music into the fabric of my dreamscapes and tinged my heart with a small shard of sorrow.