Hells Unholy Fire
Hells Headbangers

There is nothing subtle about Nunslaughter's brand of satanic death metal.  Hells Headbangers has done the world a favor by reissuing their 2000 album, Hells Unholy Fire.  This is brutal and primitive death metal that jumps back and forth between thick sludgy riffs and blasting sections as is evidenced by album opener I Am Death.  There is a certain crossover feel to their style as well.  It's almost like a death metal version of Canada's Slaughter.  Totally rabid and vicious, you are bludgeon and savagely ripped apart by the riffs on Death By The Dead.  Bordering on grind speed and intensity Cataclysm unleashes a whirlwind of blinding drums and hyper-sawing riffs.  The same aggressive approach opens The Dead Plague, however the song down shifts into some midtempo brutality.  The title track blasts away and then changes attitude with some cold black metal riffs before once again spewing forth rapid-fire hate.  An almost polka stomp bounces out of the beginning stage of Burning Away.  That is put to the sword as filthy death metal batters you like a hammer as the track concludes.  A further crossover reference happens on the track this band is named for, Nunslaughter.  Its overall tempo brings to mind The Accused, that is until it explodes into more aggressive death blasts.  An Autopsy-esque riff gets Burn In Hell underway.  Then it leaps into more blast beats than you can shake a shotgun at.  This carries on basically for all 18 tracks on this album.  By the time this album is over, you will have no doubt about Nunslaughter's deadly intent.  Their single-minded rape of your body and soul with their no-frills death metal carnage is relentless and will leave you vomiting blood from the internal bleeding.