High Priest of Saturn

Demo 2011

Self Released 2011

This two song demo from Norway's monolithic doom cult High Pries Of Saturn certainly knows how to make an impact.  The first track is Protean Towers and it immediately infuses the listener with a sense of an imminent apocalypse.  A languid, deliberate pace and towering riffs plod on, animated by Merethe's sedate, monotone vocals creating a surreal and foreboding atmosphere.  A 70's sounding guitar solo rises from out of the abyss as the song progresses.  The inclusion of organ adds a ceremonial occult feeling to the composition.  Crawling King Snake concludes this 20 minute demo.  Sinister, throbbing riffs rumble like an earthquake, not unlike Black Sabbath trapped in liquid amber.  The organ rises earlier within the framework of the track, while the vocals and riffs continue to hammer away at your psyche.  A gentle swaying motion is initiated by the guitars and carried further by Merethe's grim, yet sultry voice.  I am constantly reminded of The Wounded Kings as I listen to these tracks.  I don't receive a lot of demos to review, but I will say this, High Priest of Saturn has to be the best demo I have heard all year.  If you like your doom to fill you with dread and exhale a dreamlike quality, then for you, High Priest of Saturn will rise like a grey monolith heralding humanity's end.