Hollow Death Demo
Bifrost Records

Sweden is turning into a real hotbed for rabid thrash and one of the most recent upstarts from this scene is Insane.  Their first EP was sort of a feral take on bay area thrash, however this new demo is more underground and bestial with references to Germanic and raw American thrash.  The 4 song demo opens with Endless Execution.  It slowly boils and then snaps into some crunch breaks like early Slayer but with a Kreator-esque production.  The vocals are filled with vigor and spite and are tinged with a hardcore edge.  Nice melodic passages give way to crunchy breakdowns as the song progresses.  Tormentor of Life is a straight-ahead, primal assault of total thrash and punked out hardcore vocals that storm from the speakers.  Continuing with the relentless pacing of the songs is Dark Internal with its destructive bay area opening riffs and its Teutonic chorus.  It reminds me of times of some of the lesser known German thrash bands like Assassin and Exumer.  Probably the most varied song on the demo is final song Preach of Evil.  Sawing riffs that bring to mind some Sepultura-ish savagery open the track but quickly give way to some riffing that is a mix of Holy Terror and Destruction.  Fat, Slayer-esque riffs crunch heavily with a stomping pace as the track draws towards its conclusion only to break into some nice melodic guitar-work.  Some of the drumming could be spiced up a bit, but you can really hear the reckless abandon and enthusiastic revelry within the songs on Hollow Death.  This album is a unrelenting barrage of rabid thrash that also works in some more mature elements into the songwriting.  Insane will certainly be a force to be reckoned with, not only in the Swedish scene, but also within the worldwide thrash underground.  Thrash hard!!!!