In Bondage To The Serpent 

Debemer Morti 2011

This mostly Norwegian supergroup of black metal veterans and Dan Lilker have brought an album of sonic oppression and placed it firmly upon us like an unholy cenotaph.  Slow and plodding, In Bondage To The Serpent is black metal drone with ceremonial implications.  Hints of dissonance accompany amorphous riffs on Theotokos.  Dry, raspy vocals scrape the skin from your throat.  Echoes of Norwegian black metal originators Thorns drifts in like a shadow across this track.  The track takes a sludgy turn around the 5:30 mark and drags your ears through soot before once again rising towards realms of magical black metal.  Komodo Dragon, Mother Queen sheds its shroud of atmospheric black metal riffs and lingers upon some post-doom sensibilities.  A deep spoken voice dances like a slow motion flame, courtesy of Attila.  The song has a twisted yet mystical texture to it.  Slowly, droning guitar notes fade into the void as Christotokos unfolds.  Mournful, doomy riffs rise like megaliths.  When the organs rise from the void the song takes on a funeral doom feel.  The guitars crackle with sinister gravity as the notes continue throb.  Cursed Virgin, Pregnant Whore brings the comparisons to Thorns even further into the forefront despite the creeping tempo.  The most eerie moment of the whole album occurs at the 2:34 mark when this cold Nordic melody rises starkly from the pulsing horror of the song.  In Bondage To The Serpent is unhurried in its pace and can at times border on boredom.  However the songs resonate with ceremonial and abyssic energy, like a darkly brooding nebula glaring down at us from the far ends of the cosmos.  If you can settle in amongst the walls of hulking guitars and the methodically sluggish pacing then perhaps you can bathe in the blasphemous aura of NunFuckRitual.