Reptilian / Inculter   

Split 7"

Unborn / Duplicate Records 2013

Fusa, Norway, the new hotbed of underground Nordic metal bears some seriously rotten fruit as displayed by this split 7" from unholy deathsters Reptilian and blackened thrash maniacs, Inculter.  

First up is the rotten stench of death metallers Reptilian.  Sloppy brutality ensues as soon as the first notes of Huitzilopochtli begin.  Deep, muted drums and sludgy riffs crush the listener bringing to mind Autopsy or Soulside Journey era Darkthrone.  A firestorm of blasting beats and shredding riffs explodes from your speakers as the track continues.  Feverishly shrieking vocals unleash a deathly rasp and then the song drops into slower, near melodic riffs.  A decrepit groove overtakes the song until it is swept aside by an uptempo rhythm.  Reptilian screams old school death metal and embodies all the morbidity of late 80s/early 90s 7" death metal that was lurking in the underground.  Reptilian is a force to be reckoned with.  

And next we have the bestial thrash of Inculter.  A catchy near-melody opens up the mayhem on their track, Graveyard Premonition.  Aggressive speed and catchy riffs populate the initial stages of the song while you can detect the barbs of savagery waiting to be loosed upon your eardrums.  The song is relentless in its rabid assault as the rhythms fly at you at full speed!  The track settles into a moody, moshing breakdown that hammers away at your psyche.  Total devastation falls upon you as the intensity picks up and a flamethrower of a guitar solos burns your flesh.

Based upon these two insanely great tracks, Fusa Norway is going to be the future of the underground when it comes to death and thrash.  Make no mistake, these two denizens of the Nordic nether realms prove that evil dwells on the far reaches of civilization and infects humanity like a horrific disease!  Buy this 7" and be beholden to the impending infernal plague!  UGH!!!