Decaying Purity

The Existence of Infinite Agony

Sevared 2011

This album marks the return of the Caliphs of ultra-brutal death metal from Turkey.  The Existence of Infinite Agony is a marathon exercise is ultra-deep vocals and violent, gory death metal!  Hammer-smashing riffs of the most devious kind usher in a wave of brutal death metal as Defilement of the Deranged gets underway.  A relentless wave of tempo changes and aggressive pacing literally rapes your ears while the lowest guttural vocals smash your skull like a hundred sledge hammers.  Nothing but mush remains.  Crunchy riffs and unrelenting drums batter the listener on Disfigurement of the Pure Cranium.  Rolling snares snap like a thousand piranhas while Serkan's vocals are vomited from deep within his bowels.  Slow grooves and traditional guitar harmonics are met with intense barrages of drumming outbursts on Dreadfully Gutted.  For me the album needs to be taken as an overall concept rather than individual songs.  It works as an ode to all things agitated and bloodthirsty.  One songs bleeds into the next one, none truly standing apart, but the album as a whole is where you find satisfaction.  I mean if you can handle the frantic pace and the extreme brutality of each track then The Existence of Infinite Agony will appease your explosive need for morbid mayhem.  Decaying Purity isn't trying to be overtly technical and in your face about their instrumental skills.  Instead they deliver an album that further cements their place amongst the higher echelons of the ultrabrutal death metal community. The Existence of Infinite Agony is violent and merciless in its pacing.  This is the musical equivalent of a psychotic butcher shop, soaked in blood and drenched in violent gore.