Interment Of Life

Bifrost Records 2013

The new EP from Swedish thrashers Insane is nothing short of brilliant.  This is a total thrash onslaught of ferocious, underground proportions that leaves the underground ablaze and my ears hungry for more.  Violent Ritual gets the assault going with torching flames of shredding thrash.  After a measured section of bouncy riffs and calculated breaks, a firestorm of speedy guitars and desiccated vocals lays waste to my eardrums.  The track slows and rockin' solos and catchy riffs abound.  Crunchy, churning riffs usher in Mindless Slaughter.  Then the aggression ensues!  A blazing eruption of drums and shredding riffs spews violence like a rabid wolf.  A moshing breakdown hits like a hammer bringing to mind classic Anthrax before once again exploding into mindless butchery.  A battering drum line just hammers away at your eardrums before the holocaust bursts forth on Corrupted Minds.  Volcanic riffs torch everything within earshot as the pace quickens.  The vocals are razor sharp rasps that slice away while the guitars toss and turn like a thousand moshers in a hellish pit.  At the end we are bled out on Final Disease.  Its aggressive set of riffs that hack away at you fill your mind with a feeling of the old bay area style but with more of a European flair for obscurity and animosity.  That relentlessly bestial guitar solo that is shot from the innards of this track is evidence of the sadistic intentions of Insane.  The stop-start riffs that draw the MLP towards its end instill comparisons to Vio-lence in my head. Those images are relinquished in favor of frantic speed which bring the MLP to its demise.  The production has an old school Germanic feel to it which adds to the ferocity and credibility of the MLP.  Insane continue to inject their music with complexity and intensity.  Interment Of Life is a testament to those words and to the fact that there is exciting, energetic thrash that lurks in the fiery bowels of the underground.  This MLP is going to cause havoc on an epic scale and I hunger for more.  Great thrash, no other words are needed!!!!