I Shalt Become     

None Shall Defy

Originally released in 2008 in the USA by Moribund Records, this album of cold and desolate ambient black metal pierces straight to the subconscious, chilling the listener straight down to their bones.  Even from the onset of the Intro you become aware that this will be a journey of solitude and despair.  The first real track An Atteridgeville Horror slowly meanders through glittering isolation that sends a shiver across my spine.  It's an instrumental of guitar oriented iciness.  Cleansed adds vocals and an electronic beat for added misanthropy and brings to mind a more straightforward Xasthur.  A plodding, yet imposing set of riffs slowly pierce your psyche on Enigma.  Fuzzed out guitars warble against a backdrop of minimalist beats and distant horrific vocals.  Music like this always reminds me of being wrapped in a frigid fog and this is no exception.  It's smothering and amorphous as it envelopes you within its freezing tendrils.  The riffs slowly undulate with a pleasing and dramatic sourness to the ears.  The Corpse In The Forest adds epic, yet simple synth lines for emotional effect.  New depths of sorrow are reached on this song as a fuzzed main riff is shadowed by distant, cold melodies.  Beautiful, clean guitars paint The Casket Letters with shades of melancholy and summons to mind echoes of Katatonia.  The final track on this rerelease is a vinyl-only bonus cover of Absurd's Eternal Winter.  Nothing but shifting snowdrifts of dark misanthropy to be found here.   I Shalt Become's album fills the listener with suffocating despair and hopelessness.  If you are a fan of the repetitive songwriting and arctic coldness of Xasthur then Requiem will be an album that haunts your masochistic soul.