No Fealty / Kollapse   

Split 7"

Angry Records / 5 Feet Under Records 2013

Two Danish powerhouses team up to deliver a split of devastating dualism.  Kollapse is a crushing blend of doom and post hardcore and No Fealty is a scathing blast of crusty hardcore!

First up is the hyper intense explosion of No Fealty's Ravished.  Bulkier guitar sounds unite with aggressive, rolling drum patterns and gruff screams that are belted out like beatdowns.  The songwriting has a stop-start flow to it with straight-on speedy riffs and a quickly flexing chorus.  The whole track is sheer audio violence with crusty edges.  

On the other side is Kollapse's track, Father.  Slow, rhythmically swaying riffs are tinged with sorrow and isolation.  Near melodic accents linger on the edges of the riffs as the pounding beats and plodding pace flood you with sense of coldness before the track is transformed into cyclopean chords that obliterate you beneath their weight.  The vocals are powerful screams with a hint of sadness and futility in them.  For me this musically inhabits similar territory as artists like Amenra and Children Of God.  Very moving music.

Do yourself a favor and pick up this 7" of two of Denmark's modern masters.  Though diverse in approach, both songs are fraught with emotions and you can't help but get caught up in the desolation and the violence of each band's style!