L'Aube Du Declin
Mortus Humanae Productions

An epic melody and determined chug give way to hyper-aggressive black metal riffing as L'Eternal Sablier begins its onslaught on the debut album from France's upstart black metal horde, Neptrecus.  Blasphemous nihilism pervade the Nordic style riffs as the song progresses.  The true beuaty of Neptrcus shines though on Magna Grecia.  A sweeping melodic passage fills your consciousness.  I am reminded a bit of Kampfar, that is until the ferocious stream of sawing black riffage cuts through the atmosphere.  Luckily the songwriter keeps circuling the song back to the vast melodic segments.  The pace slows and dwells on harmoniously flowing, guitar-driven sections.  And then the track ends as it began in beauty and emotion.  A quick riding riff turns into an icy crawl on Fiers Gaulois.  The tempo picks up and an undercurrent of sorrow accompanies a demonic riff until they both collapse into a melodic groove.  406: Les Grandes Invasions starts with a moving clean guitar segment that gathers steam as thicker guitars rise uplike waves at the beach.  Nostalgia paints the epic, melodic riffs that flood out across the song's structure only to recede against folky guitars.  Yet they rise again to claim their rightful throne.  Martial drums and darkened riffs greet the listener on the title-track.  A slick cymbal ride and entrancing melody effortless flow through the song and carry it to a majestic climax.  Neptrecus is steering far afield from the experimental frenzy that their more Orthodox countrymen are attempting.  Instead that are more enamored with epic melodies juxtaposed with intense blackened malevolence.  And as such I find their style and approach refreshing.