EP 2011

Duplicate Records 2011

Norway's deathly black metallers, Legiones strike first and strike hard with their debut 2-song EP.  The first track, Threat of Captivity, declares its violent intent with blasting riffs and aggressively domineering vocals as the song gets underway.  However, an atmospheric melody slides the track sidewards before more aggressive pacing and rumbling bass drums once again strive to compliment the rapid-fire riffs.  Some interesting cymbal work works its way into composition.  However the real magic happens when Against Judah rolls out of my speakers like a wall of stormclouds.  The track has a death metal feel despite being wholly black metal.  At the 3:33 mark the song shifts into doomy and thick riffs that crushes with their sheer heaviness and combine with rumbling bass drums for an even deadlier effect.  After crawling on unrepentant knees through gregorian chants and chiming bells those initial, near melodic riffing passages let loose their venomous arrows once again.  Throughout the track R.H.'s vocals sound like he is spouting prophecy from deep within his charred lungs.  Legiones reminds me in a way of Aeternus.  The way they take a foundation of black metal and weave death metal aggression and power within the tempestuous mix for an overall atmospheric, yet still brutal and uncompromising final result.