Light Through Broken Glass  

Crucial Blast 2014

New York's black metal explorers expound on the dark foundations of the style with their new EP, Light Through Broken Glass.  Treading far afield from the roots of black metal yet still retaining the nihilistic framework of its core is the essence of Epistasis and the first track Time's Vomiting Mouth is a prime example.  Ominous pounding and thick bass create tension before the track circulates into off-kilter blasts and surreal riffs.  Grim, demonic vocals accompany heavy rhythms that bring to mind V:28.  Disharmonic accents on the riffs have Voivod-esque feel to them and the synths that mirror the flow of the guitars towards the track's end are captivating.  The acoustic guitar the opens Finisterre is beautiful and fragile.  It transports the listener into a realm of false sorrow and longing before utterly shattering that world with discordant black metal riffs.  Strange time changes and drum patterns send the listener reeling with a sense of disorientation.  There is a trumpet that makes an appearance.  It is lush and adds a tranquil edge to the rising cacophony.  The opening guitar hum on Witch floods the soundscape with dread.  There is a strong sense of foreboding that builds and it is an omen of the destructive, violent riffs to follow.  Then the song collapses into the dreamlike void with delirious guitar work and uncanny, nebulous tones.  The cool, jazzy feel of Grey Ceiling is accentuated by the use of lurking trumpet which instills the track with an added layer of sorrow.  Gown Of Yellow Stars closes out the EP with dissonant guitar arcs and undulating drum patterns that create a swirling, churning flow to the track.  Epistasis has crafted an EP of unique and daring black metal that pushes down some boundaries while still retaining the venomous darkness of the genre's core fundamentals.  Definitely for adventurous and evil souls.