Limits Of Insanity  

Thrashing Madness 2014 (1989)

Once again Thrashing Madness comes through with an underrated and neglected thrash gem, this time being the sophomore album from Brazil's Attomica which was originally released in 1989.  And what a gem this is.  Right from the opener, Atomic Death, you can feel the old school vibe of this band's style.  Hints of Nuclear Assault, Megadeth, and others surface quickly, but the main influence I hear is Anthrax's Spreading The Disease.  Galloping riffs and soaring vocals complement each other before the track breaks into a midtempo groove that smothers you with its weight.  Pulsing guitars and an awkward but killer drumline sets the tone on Short Dreams.  The power of the riffs rises as the vocals stand tall like spikes of commanding authority.  Andre brings to mind a rocking Los Angeles legend with this phrasing on the chorus.  A slinky, confident solo rolls through the beefy riffs.  An Iron Maiden influence bursts into the opening segment of Evil Scars and Andre sounds a bit awkward, but in a good way, before the track settles into a determined groove and hammering chorus.  The main riff of Rabies is frothing with energy and buzzing with speed.  The relentless assault saws through your skull just like the riffs saw through your speakers.  The title-track begins slowly and builds into a rollicking beast of meaty Metallica-ish riffs.  The guitars bounce with muscular delight while the vocals hit high notes throughout the melee.  Attomica hit it hard with their sophomore album.  This is classic, underground thrash with a true 80s feel.  It bristles violence and class, but with a hint of danger and fantasy thrown in for good measure.