Satanica Productions 2011

Another dose of twisted harshness from the UK's Lobotomy comes our way with the latest album, Death.  After a minimalist intro and some pompous synth we are obliterated by a grinder of a song, Attack, Attack!  Muted and raw, the guitars saw through our soul while a hyperspeed drum machine fires like a squad of machine-gunners.  Overall it creates a feeling similar to early Beherit with its wall of noise and intensity.  Black Sun utilizes simpler, almost child-ish riffing to create an atmospheric, gloomy mood before surging forward into speedy riffage.  In some ways it reminds me of Gorgoroth at their noisiest.  However Fuck Me Baby is more of an atmospheric, almost folk track before an avalanche of noisy guitars buries everything.  Each song is over quickly which somewhat robs the album of a sense of cohesion.  Exorcism is an exercise in brutality, like a scouring brush across your brain.  An atmospheric folk song structure is encountered once again on Ave Satan before all hell breaks loose.  However Swallow the Bugs is a rhythmic beast, monotone in its approach, like a washed out middle ground of early Beherit and VON.  After a choir of angelic female vocals we are subjected to its complete opposite My Funeral.  Transilvanian Hunger-esque melodic riffing washes over a minimal beat and distant vocals.  Lobotomy is certainly the work of a demented mind and by no means is this something for every day.  This is for only when you mind can handle the rawest, harshest fringe of black metal.