Los Kikes      

Shaking Records

Raw Israeli garage punk that hits like a wrecking ball, that's about my best description of the new/debut album from Los Kikes.  After an abrasive intro of distorted samples and warped live sounds we are struck by a savage union of Misfits punk and Satanic Rites era Hellhammer.  This is some unpolished and uncompromising punk.  The opening riff on Baltika sounds like a bastardization of Where Eagles Dare.  Up next is Gummo with its washed out riffs and primitive vocal rants.  A surf punk riff skates in wiping out everything until it collapses once again into the hammering drums that echo into eternity.  A raucous avalanche of punk riffs and gruff vocals rush into a crossover chorus on Paint Away.  Berzerker has the slow deliberate pacing and underground muddiness to fall in nicely with Triumph of Death era Hellhammer.  Even the guitar solo reeks of the primitive savagery of early Hellhammer.  This is truly unrefined metal/punk that is feeding your brain into the meat grinder.  Good Clean Vodka takes an old school punk approach with a riff that could be lifted from a Testors album.  Up next is an interlude that is basically the sensual moans of two people having sex but that sets up the straight-forward garage punk riffs of Alambra.  Channeling the spirit of old Hellhammer surfaces again on the next interlude which sounds like the intro/outro on Satanic Rites.  Later on Black Day blasts out with a flurry of cacophonous riffs and cymbal bashings.  Explo is a rich and crude full on assault of noisy guitars and painful vocals.  Like the singer is gargling glass as he sings.  Taking a different path, Shadows Of Space And Light fills the canvas of your mind with a slightly sorrowful keyboard driven composition that is washed over by hissing and fuzzed out guitars.  Overall I really respect and enjoy what is going on here with Los Kikes.  Their music is unpretentious and sincere and decidedly unrefined.  Los Kikes utilizes a really old school style when it comes to writing punk riffs.  I hear lots of late 70s, early 80s punk going on here with Misfits, Testors, etc. references pulsing through the guitars and bass.  Yet the approach is more raw, rough and scathing, with a true underground metal feel to it.