The No-Mads 
Lost Control 

Thrashing Madness 2013

Four years since their last album, Polish thrash horde, The No-Mads return with their fourth full-length of metallic destruction.  Punishing and intense thrash with a high degree of execution flows freely on Lost Control, starting with Final Destination.  A heavy dose of Kreator meets Bay Area thrash speeds out of the speakers.  The riffs are thick and crunchy and turn on a dime with interesting bass lines swirling in the mix.  The title-track is a furious frenzy of Slayer-esque thrash.  I hear War Ensemble styled riffs absolutely sawing through everything in their way until the song drops into slower, catchier grooves.  Massive, meaty riffs open Possessed By Bier.  I hear elements of Agent Orange era Sodom circulating inside the beefier grooves of the song.  C.A. River Plate runs you over with a mountainous groove and then blisters your flesh with a speedy set of riffs that bring to mind elements of Laaz Rockit.  Up next is a cover of Holy Moses' Reborn Dogs.  The No-Mads have tightened up the execution and polished up the roughness of the original.  But you can definitely tell that Holy Moses was an influence on The No-Mads just by the similar foundations of the two bands.  The final track of the album is the expansive instrumental, Oort Cloud.  Melodic and dreamy guitar helps you transcend the earth as the track gets underway.  A bouncy, midtempo riff and rolling drum lines flow in before drifting into progressive guitar soloing.  Some killer fretless bass noodling rises during a moment of clarity and helps draw the album to a close.  One aspect that really stands out on Lost Control is the excellent bass work.  And I guess my only real complaint is I think this album could benefit from a rougher production, especially with the drum sound.  I understand that they are trying to be high quality in everything they do with this album so it makes sense though.  A modern take on older Teutonic and Bay Area thrash has been honed into a razor-sharp weapon called Lost Control.  The No-Mads are an unstoppable force within the current thrash scene.  Shred or be shredded!