Luciferius Omnipotens     


Mortis Humanae Productions 2013

It is hard to find info on this elitist black metal enigma.  As far as I can discern they are Danish and they are full of Anti-Xtian hate.  Untight, feral black metal hatred is exuded from every note on this release.  Starting with the fuzzed out and primitive black metal assault of As I Drink Of Thy Chalice.  Raw riffs and muted vocals form a united front of Satanic blasphemy.  A devilish mood is conjured by the midtempo drum lines and riffs which break into a sorrowful flow of melodic guitars.  Sparse and underground sounding, this is truly cult material.  The guitars warble with trebly iciness while the bass guitars are flicked by demonic fingers.  At the 4:58 mark a wave of nostalgic atmosphere pieces the veil of subterranean black metal.  The pungent aroma of dried corpses seeps from the dessicated riffs of Bad Soul...  The riffs take on a sorrowful wailing and mournful warble as the song continues.  The vocals become drier, like a corpse rising from an ancient tomb while the riffs circle until they reach an atmospheric, folkish level that brings to mind early Desaster.  These passages echo with an epic mood that shines like the gleam from the swords of an invading barbarian horde.  There is a looseness and a sloppiness evident in the execution of these songs that attests to the underground ideology at work in the band.  A certain, early Nordic feel permeates the Evil Sabbath Treach Ceremony.  It reminds me of the atmosphere of the early 90s Norway black metal scene with its icy riffs and midtempo, guitar warbles.  It erupts periodically into bouts of speedy desecration.  Monolith starts slowly with a sinister vibe, not unlike something you might encounter on early Dissection material and this continues on for the entirety of the song.  Seeking The Infernal Divine utilizes clean guitar at its outset before sweeping them aside with trebly, icy riffs.  The riffs slowly roll in a sweeping motion igniting a flame of infernal anger with the listener.  Luciferius Omnipotens is underground, cult black metal with elitist ideology pushing its musical output to the next level.  It is loose and underground in execution, but resolute in is anti-xtian stance.  Black metal with a philosophical motivation that stays true to musical and ideological dogma.  True black metal!