Magister Templi    

Lucifer Leviathan Logos

Cruz Del Sur 2013

The debut album from Norway's Magister Templi laces doom with traditional metal and creates an album that is both comforting and refreshing.  A killer old school guitar lick kicks out the traditional metal jams of Master Of The Temple. A Mercyful Fate vibe is interspersed with more doomed out segments that really grab your attention before turning towards a spoken word period that brings to mind Solitude Aeternus.  A much more traditional doom tone is taken on Lucifer, however I hear periods that remind me of older, proto-metal roots.  Beautiful traditional metal soloing and Black Sabbath-esque vocal lines really capture your imagination on this track.  A lumbering main riff, heavy with bass guitar gets the ball rolling on The Innsmouth Look, a nod to Lovecraftian moods and lore.  The rhythms slither and roll around each other before rising like an ancient deity as the song continues and then it breaks into determined, insistent drum lines towards its end.  Leviathan fills your eardrums with a devious riff that bleeds into some doom that is eerily reminiscent of the epic vocal lines of Solitude Aeternus.  Then the track leaps into a sawing riff and gang vocals that fills the listener with power.  A NWOBHM riff carries the song to its conclusion.  More, classic metal riffage fills you with its catchy melodic phrasing on Logos.  You get a real sense of galloping as the song begins and then it slides into wondrous meandering, powered by the majestic vocals of Abraxas.  The acoustic guitar that starts VITRIOL colors the song with a lighter tone while Abraxas' vocals almost embody the same spirit of old Candlemass but without the vibrato effect that Messiah Marcolin had.  The track builds in intensity as the electric guitars rise in power until the crest upon a meaty doom riff.  Magister Templi's debut album is a beautiful alloy of doom and traditional metal that is grand in its scale while still retaining an underground power.  The roots of metal have fed these Norwegian occultists with the nectar of heaviness and made them STRONG.