Malevolent Creation


Self-released 2011

These legends from the Floridian death metal scene have finally had the common sense to release to the public their 1987 demo.  This release has two different versions of the demo, a remixed version and the original recording.  Only one of these tracks has been available in a rerecorded version on their debut album, Sacrificial Annihilation!  So after all this time how do these tracks hold up?  Pretty damn well I think.  This is Malevolent Creation letting fly a barrage of proto-death metal in all its destructive glory.  Caught somewhere between death and thrash, the first track up is the familiar Sacrificial Annihilation.  Thick meaty riffs that bring to mind Dark Angel at their most brutal stage collide with death metal drum patterns and bursts of ripping speed.  Crushing rhythms usher in the initial passage on The Traitor Must Pay.  The final track is Confirmed Kill which is a full on speed assault.  Only at two points does the merciless tempo catch its breath and then once again we are swept under by a tidal wave of violent riffs and frenzied drums.  Like I said, there are two different versions of the same 3 songs on this demo Cd.  The remixed versions have a fuller more powerful sound, whereas the original versions are thinner and sound buried with a lot more treble in the mix.  Either way you slice it, these songs KILL!!!!  If you like Malevolent Creation and are interested hearing them in a thrashier incarnation, somewhat like Demolition Hammer or Ripping Corpse, then you will absolutely love the 1987 demo as it shreds your flesh with commanding riffs and slicing vocals.