Massed In Black Shadow
Black Plagve Productions

Obscure and noxious blackened noise/drone exudes from your speakers like a toxic black ichors as soon as you put the sophomore album from California's Deathstench on.  Extractum Ex Infernis issues a cloud of grating, throbbing noise and static while deeply washed out vocals contort themselves in the background.  Brooding menace pulses in the deep, dark recesses of an abandoned structure as Corpse Upon A Throne Of Wyrms undulates with forward movement.  The industrial soundscapes rise and fall before distorted guitar rises like a deep space transmission as the track develops.  A doom drone style becomes evident, vocal rasps plant seeds of blasphemy in your psyche, and monotone static squeals dominate everything.  Symbols In Warm Flesh drips with subterranean noise and your skin crawls like it's infected with insects because of the squirming fuzz that surrounds the song.  The cocoon of sound becomes more dense and angular notes slice across the deliberate flow of the track.  More industrial fuzz rises from the void like a nebulous invasion as we are pulled into the fabric of Shrine Of Viscera.  Traditional black metal riffs and a devastating drum machine combine for a surgical attack as we pass the event horizon of the song.  You are completely unable to escape the blasphemous abyss of the composition due to the extreme gravity of the unholy vortex of noise caused by this band.  Deathstench is an entity that musically lies somewhere between Abruptum and Gnaw Their Tongues.  Pure audial blasphemy with impacts like a meteor leaving nothing but a scorched and lifeless world.