Demo 2011

Self Released 2011

Out of the smoldering ashes of Nattkvad comes Masteriis, a stronger, more confident and mature entity of Nordic black metal.  This four song demo is evidence of the merit of such a bold statement.  Svopt I Tiden utilizes sterile (in a good way) black metal riffing that at times reminds me of Khold.  Moments of melodic clarity and clean guitars are woven into the songs thicker metallic movements.  A strong sense of Katatonia-esque sorrow makes its presence known at the 4:53 mark.  Rolling drums and blasting melodies populate the dissonant landscape of Dodsdom.  The slower passages embody both triumph and regret within the folds of their riffs.  Forlatt is perhaps the darkest of the tracks on the demo, with its intense black metal assault which give way to crisp atmospheric soundscapes that bring to mind Arcturus's Aspera Heims Symfonia.  A slower, moodier pacing adds depth to the final track, Into Infinite Darkness.  Thick basslines and mystical clean-guitar sections create a freezing and dismal feeling across the song, like a cold winter's night with slowly drifting snow.  The debut demo from Masteriis is a surprisingly well produced and well written affair that treads a strong middle path between the thick black metal riffing of Khold and the experimental instrumentation of Arcturus' debut and creates a cold and atmospheric piece of Norwegian black metal.