Korgull The Exterminator    

Metal Fist Destroyer
Demonhood Productions

Having always been a big fan of the insane thrashing onslaught that is Korgull The Exterminator, it was with great excitement that I awaited their third album, Metal Fist Destroyer.  And to say I was blown away would be an understatement.  The songs on this album are more varied, more thought out and individual as is evidenced by the first real song, Grim Reaper.  The standard blasting riffs and extreme, bestial screams of Lilith lay the entire Earth to waste as their assault reaches full speed.  The riffs and drums hit at extreme rates that devastate your mind!  Up next is the title-track with its infectious opening thrash riffs that makes me want to cry with reckless glee!  The riffs circle at high velocity before giving way to a midtempo salvo of rabid vocals and guitars.  Even when Korgull is shredding at midtempo it seems like the song is moving at warpspeed.  Battle Beast utilizes ropy bass guitar and sharp, choppy riffs the explode into massive bursts of hostility.  Possessed By Steel captures a Motorhead-ish vibe behind a wall of blackened thrash.  The rocking grooves that are hurled out of my speakers wreak great havoc upon my ears.  The song continues to careen forward at devastating rates while more demonic vocals and riffs slash across the soundscape with nothing but violent intentions.  The Queen Of A Thousand Sorrows hammers away with a relentless beat and furious riffs that flay your weak flesh.  A flamboyantly hateful set of solos rise up during the track's thrashing middle section.  There is nothing but malicious intent and unbridled speed present on Obliteration.  It is like trying to grab water from a fire hose.  The overwhelming speed and intensity of the track washes you away, however there is an awesome speed metal riff that fleshes out the song's innards.  A blistering solo and feral thrash get Wild Forces underway.  The gang vocals on the chorus emphasize the power of song before it drops into Germanic thrash phrasing in the middle areas.  The album also features an insanely great cover of Voivod's Korgull The Exterminator.  If you ever thought that song wasn't extreme enough, you won't think that any longer.  Korgull The Exterminator have crafted an album that is violent, aggressive and morbidly unique.  It has such individual personality and bestial intent that you will be forced to confront its brutality head on.  The only problem is that you will LOSE!  This album is insanely rabid and will rape your soul.  One of the year's best!!!!