Banished From Inferno    

Metal Inquisition Records/Black Mass Records

Spanish musical terrorists, Banished From Inferno deliver an album that is forceful and destructive.  Minotaur is a muscular beast of Swedish styled d-beat death.  The album opens with the Tragedy-esque The Infernal Swamps.  Apocalyptic melodies and ashen rhythms loom like a calm before the blasting storm of crusty riffs and scratchy death vocals on Heading To The Sinister.  The song hurls out meaty destruction on a pandemic scale.  Purgatory Dreams unfurls like a flag of Swedish death metal, Dismember-like melodic accents give way to flurries of pummeling death metal riffs and a spray of violent drum patterns.  The title-track quickly boils over into a crushing main riff that stomps your innards into a pulpy mess.  A mid-tempo death metal opens up into catchier guitar work before settling back into that monstrous groove.  Over the course of the song's 7 minute length crusty bits surface like rioters at a Republican Party convention.  However the more Stockholm sounding songwriting is what really grabs my attention during this song.  And then there is still that infernal groove just rolling over everything like a Sherman tank.  Around the 5:18 minute mark the somber melodies and mournful synth take over, shaping a sonic landscape of gloom and hopelessness.  Meaty riffs bludgeon the listener early on in Dead Incest and bring to mind a crusty version of Grave or a more straight-forward Carcass.  The album rounds out with a desolate and atmospheric crust song that would be right at home during Axegrinder's somberist moments.  The sampled vocals are a nice touch that add to the despair.  Hidden as a bonus track is an awesome cover of Hellhammer's Messiah!  They have turned the song into a thicker, more rhythmic composition and the synth they added to the track infuse it with a sinister vibe.  Banished From Inferno have taken the best attributes of crust, death, and even some grind and mutated them into a brutal and bleak ode to a brutal atomic storm.  This album is a sonic vision of a desert of ash.