Modern Days Society

Thrashing Madness 2011

The latest in a recent crop of Polish thrashers, Fortress let their intent be known from Modern Days Society opening salvo of crunchy guitars and sharp snares.  The album is an orgy of fun, yet tightly executed thrash.  Meaty riffs with melodic accents bring to mind a well-crafted union of Overkill and Artillery.  Anniversary Song is up next and gallops at lightning pace while Tomasz's distinct vocals are like a precise scalpel stroke as it opens deep gashes in your eardrums!  The track slows down for some moody reflection and mild melodic fret play as the song draws to a close.  The chugging power of Living In The Gutter's initial riff is smashed by massive riffs and brings to mind Death Angel's Act III period.  A main riff that somehow summons comparisons to Nuclear Assault's Survive era dominates We Rule The Night.  Maybe it is the bass guitar sound on the track that also conjures that image in my head.  The moshing breakdown in the songs middle is a free-for-all melee with its clicking drumwork and ropey bass guitar.  The opening stomp of Cyber Violence recalls State of Euphoria era Anthrax with its fat sound and crunchy riffs.  But the song quickly drops back into some frantic and frenzied guitar shredding and gang vocals.  The album's final track, I Like To Watch represents a culmination of the aforementioned influences along with a wee bit of Slayer thrown in for good measure.  The main riff is driving and intense.  It captures violent energy and sharpens it to a razor's edge while combining it with spikes of falsetto screams not unlike Tom Araya does on Show No Mercy.  Fortress is a modern thrash that recalls some of the best aspects of the bigger thrash bands from the scene's glory days.  And the insanely great vocals are unmistakable, adding a unique personality to the band.  If you want good, modern thrash but are trying to steer clear of all the black metal tinged work permeating the underground then Fortress is the cure for metallic addiction.