S/T 7"

Sjakk Matt Plater 2010

Featuring former members of Norwegian gods, Lash Out, the new 4 song 7" from Morethanthis is a dark, bleak and heavy dose of hardcore.  As their debut, this 7" is definitely a statement of intent!  Shed No Tears gets the gears turning with its crusty foreboding riffs, where at times I am reminded of a more hardcore version of Tragedy perhaps.  The guitars belch out riffs like a factory's smokestacks, thick and dark.  The dual vocals add to the intensity of the track.  Dropping a little into a more straight-ahead hardcore pattern, Manifest burns with a fire of conviction.  The melodic lead that drifts through certain parts of the song is haunting.  Like a steamroller, Future Past smashes you beneath its riffs while the flow of the song is a stream of heaviness, except when it breaks down for a menacing groove as it closes out.  The End brings this 7" to a head with a furious firestorm of bass-heavy riffs that call to mind a middleground between Sheer Terror and Discharge.  Towards the end the track drops into doomy riffage, summoning images of nuclear clouds gathering on the horizon.  When putting on this 7" you should not be expecting Lash Out part 2.  There aren't really any melodies or deep-rooted emotions to be found here.  Morethanthis is dark and anger-fueled hardcore, with some crust leanings!  Prepare for an EP of simmering rage.

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