Musicart Project    

The Black Side Of The Moon
Black Tears Of Death

This is the sort of project that is somewhat lost on me.  Members of Necrodeath and Mastercastle have combined to record their own take on Pink Floyd's Darkside of the Moon.  As I was never a big fan of Pink Floyd at all I don't have the respect or foundation to properly put this project into perspective but I will do my best. Essentially, this is a reenvisioning of Dark Side Of The Moon but heavier, with black and power metal influences injected into the song structures.  On The Run puts a darker, more industrial angle on the original song and the ethereal female vocals lift the song into new vistas of angelic light.  The album really hits its stride on Time.  The dueling female and deathly vocals adds a bit of intrigue and depth to the cover.  Also the faster, thrashier riffs take a strictly harder approach in an attempt to shatter your preconceptions.  They are only mildly successful though as the production fails the intent of the artist.  The Great Gig In The Sky is perhaps my favorite track on here as it is sooo laid back and dreamy and it allows the guitar to really breath while the female vocals become an instrument in their own right, sailing and soaring against the tranquil piano behind them.  You can definitely discern the musical prowess of the artists on a track like Money where the guitarists completely let their passion and skill loose.  One problem I have with this album is the production is not organic enough for what my ears want to hear.  Musicart Project is interesting for what it is, a much more metallic and operatic take on a classic album of psychedelic transcendence.  However it is hampered by a somewhat mechanical production and a very formal approach to the original classics.  Even when they are trying to break down the original molds they still seem a bit stilted and locked into predetermined framework.  Perhaps the artists have over-thought what they are doing.