Animus Mortis

Mysteriis Vox Divina 7"

None Shall Defy Records 2011

Chile has quietly been producing a lot of quality metal as of late and the new 7" from Animus Mortis is no exception.  This two track EP features two tracks of mystical and progressive black metal with an obscure edge.  Dissonant melodies flow out of The Fall of the Mortals as broad spectrums are explored throughout the song.  A dark obscurity combines with seas of tranquil and morose melodies before quick blast beat passages turn the song into a violent yet surreal soundscape.  Darker and perhaps more violent on the whole is the second track Lvx.  But don't think for a moment that the song is any less esoteric as dreamlike melodies are woven deeply within the fabric of this song.  These melodies slowly undulate above the relentlessly blasting drums.  However, the effortless main melody seems to slow the composition down without decreasing the tempo.  It's really hard to put into words the textures and moods that Animus Mortis conjures up on Mysteriis Vox Divina.  If you can somehow wrap your mind around a marriage of Negative Plane and Irepress, then perhaps you might have some concept of what it means to experience this EP.  Pure, desolate occult melody, vast in its expansive sound and its negativity.