A Storm Of Light   

Nations To Flames
Southern Lord 

My first thoughts on A Storm Of Light's sound on Nations To Flames is that they are an elegant union of Mind era Ministry and Neurosis.  There is a heaviness to the riffs and the vocals bring an industrial edge to the music that instantly reminds me of Ministry's Breathe.  The unhurried pace and layers of sonic textures on Fall sets the stage for the simmering anger and resentment lurking within the menacing riffs that rise later in the song.  The languid, rhythmic flow of Apostles Of Hatred seethes with rage, the sort of rage that builds into a rebellion.  A mournful accent swells on during the chorus lending the music an almost doom quality during those portions.  A massive wave of guitars and hissing symbols washes over you on The Fire Sermon.  The track then drops into a chugging groove with overtones of paranoid synth.  Layered and muted vocals are woven through a sultry guitar solo as the song moves forward at a slow, but determined pace.  Omen really is the song that captures that Ministry comparison, it has a certain Burning Inside parallel to me in its riffing and vocals, and seems to have an industrial infusion into the songwriting.  Rolling drums and staggered riffs roil into near melodic dissonance as All The Shining Lies gets underway.  Powerful riffs drag and stretch across a somewhat somber soundscape despite the overall cyclopean nature of the music.  A giant pounding and flourishes of string caressing are a precursor to a more determined sawing riff approach on Disintegrate.  More Ministry comparisons spring to mind during this track due to the pacing and main riff.  You Are The Hunted plods with a doomy overall style, but waves of Neurosis-esque guitar walls crush you with their relentlessly slow grinding.  The gang chorus is a nice touch as well.  A Storm Of Light's new album feels like sonic propaganda that motivates one to take to the streets in revolution.  Maybe the cover imagery helped put those thoughts into my head, but they certainly suit the way the music makes me feel.  There is a sense of inevitability about Nations To Flames.