Agonia Records

Savage Swedish death metal obliterates your eardrums on the second full length from Necrovation.  A flurry of hammering beats and a myriad of riff changes continues to assault your mind and body on the album's opener, Necrovorous Insurrection.  With this track alone it is obvious that Necrovation is veering away from the standard archetype of what we perceive as Swedish death.  It is a whirlwind of tempo changes that leaves the listener bewildered.  There is a melodic lead that surfaces during the track that adds a slight atmosphere of the macabre to go along with the merciless flaying of your audio canals.  A heavy Morbid Angel-esque rhythm gets the ball rolling on the next track, Dark Lead Dead.  A creeping, sludgy march of morbid death metal and swirling melodic leads drags your soul through the mud.  Then with a quick snap, an intense blast of infernal hellfire spews forth from your speakers until a demonic gallop crushes you and summons shades of Soulside Journey era Darkthrone.  After the sparse instrumentation of the song's middle is over you are treated to the musical equivalent of bruising disdain.  And we are still only two tracks into the album.  Pulsing Tower Of Madness is brooding and mournful during its initial stage, however a meaty stomp soon develops.  We see the riff patterns from earlier in the track cycling again and this song remains one of the most straight-forward on the album.  New Depths utilizes a subdued black metal riff before it erupts in a volcano of speed and hammering snares.  The structure of the song wanders, constantly pulling the ground out from under you as it uses a bouncy tempo at one second, a traditional melodic lead at another or even a hyper-blast passage at yet another.  Calm, crystalline guitar draws you into Sepulchral before you are slapped by a thick bass and insistent drum beat.  Warped black metal riffs surge forward before the song drops into a lumbering, crushing segment.  We are then swept away by a Voivod-ian passage.  There is barely a moments rest on any of the compositions here.  Staying away from the typical down-tuned Stockholm sound of Swedish death metal Necrovation have managed to create a style all their own.  Their sophomore album is a wizardry of riff weaving and brutality that leaves you dazed and eviscerated.